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There are 21,3 million mobile users * in Germany alone. Mobile phones and smartphones already rank among the three most important personal items and are indispensable for most people’s jobs and spare time activities. And mobile phones are used throughout the day **.

Capitalize on this to market your brand with With our technology you get the attention of these mobile users. Use the mobile solution to create your mobile campaign in the same, simple workflow as your or campaign – complies with the IAB MRAID standard and is optimized for any device and platform. Only one online marketing tool for your team – the ad.creator and media.manager are your ad creation and management tools for successful cross-channel strategies. One system = every channel.

(*Resource: AGOF mobile facts 2013-II) (**Resource: G+J EMS Mobile 360° Studie 2013)

Interaktive moduls

The biggest advantage of the ad message is not just delivered to the user. Interactive in-ad modules call the user to action and interact with the ad. A monologue thus turns into a dialogue between brand and user. mobile ad.creator: mobile ads are built once and distributed everywhere across platforms

  • HTML5 rich media ad templates

  • MRAID 1.0 and 2.0 compliant

  • MMA compliant

  • zu allen Adservern, Videovermarktern und -netzwerken

  • For the creative designers, building a mobile ad is as easy as building an ad – no development skills for HTML5 or JavaScript needed!

Ad Features

Make creative use of smartphones’ device sensors and other properties to build innovative, attention-commanding ads! Shake, swish, flip, tap – nothing is too complex for the mobile solution.



Can include both rich media and video. Can link to several external services or sites (app, social media platforms, call, download, landing page).


Consists of two elements: a banner and an extending element. If the banner is clicked it jumps to or extends into an Expandable. With close or time-out the ad stops. Can be enhanced with many ad modules and markedly increases interaction rates, engagement rates and brand loyalty.


Appears as a full-screen ad before or after the content page, or in between. Perfect for making use of the page’s loading time. Interstitials offer a large space for interactive modules, which offer insights into engagement rate, interaction rate and conversion rate in the campaign report.