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Fact is, that rich media and animated ads create much more user awareness than ads without animation or videos. Their creativity and interactivity results in increasing brand awareness and heightened levels of ad recall. The user is emotionalized which leads to high click-through rates and impressive conversion rates resulting in very successful campaigns. Video Ads video is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool that impresses with innovative ad creations delivering strong campaign results. video makes it possible to position video ads within any banner format. solves the problem of having to deal with different formats for different publishers – you no longer need to put in extra effort und expenses to create specially optimized formats for each publisher and thereby losing reach. The solution is: provides established formats that can be delivered to all publishers! offers nearly unlimited reach and makes any optimization possible that is standard in ordinary bannering, like behavioral targeting or retargeting. Automatic bandwidth measurement, mp4 compatibility, full-screen mode and special video reporting are only some of the highlights of our solutions.

Ad Features

  • Creative flexibility in designing the ad due to standard and special formats. Individual and customized formats on request.

  • PWV (play when visible) – video play depending on visibility of ad. Turns full-view rates into actually viewed videos.

  • HD videos and full screen support.

  • Videos can be freely positioned within the ad.

  • Jerk-free playing of videos on mobile devices based on device-related bandwidth detection.

  • PAD (polite ad download) – no interference of page speed.

Tech specs


  • We offer 3rd party click and impression tracking for all ad events and user interactions – makes tracking from impressions to clicks or full-view rates easy for everyone involved.

  • Reporting

  • The media.manager delivers real-time reports,
  • that relate to your campaign (standard ad report, extended with all events and interactions)

  • that relates to your campaign and the user (geo, click/time, heatmap, unique user)

  • that relates to your campaign and the delivery environment (visibility, domain report with categorization)

  • that relates to your campaign and technical features (device, browser, flash, software)

  • Bandwidth measurement

  • Delivery of quality levels up to HD level is always optimized for bandwidth and user device.


Our user-friendly tool ad.creator lets you easily integrate rich media, animated and video content in flash and HTML5 banners – of course in a variety of IAB compatible formats and without restrictions to your creativity.

IAB: banner formats in all varieties

  • Medium Rectangle

  • Wallpaper 200

Expandable and dynamic formats:

big video ads despites small banner size
  • Dynamic Skyscraper

  • Expandable Wallpaper

Floating videos: any video size within a layer

  • Banderole Ad

  • Interstitial