is now a branch of ADITION technologies AG. More information can be found in the press release & interactive Ads

Video streaming is already the most popular form of entertainment with internet users – 77% of Germans watch online videos, 33% of which do that daily or weekly. (resource: BVDW Fokusreport Bewegtbild, 03/2013) With the product video it is possible to embed a variety of ad formats in video streams. Apart from well-established pre-, mid- and postrolls, overlays have also proven to be widely used. The media.manager enables you in easy steps to create your video ad campaign. And with interactive you easily increase user interaction with your ad. The video itself is of course the most popular ad medium, however, with’s interactive features such as social media, gaming, additional video clips you additionally curb user engagement thereby increasing conversion for your campaign.

That was exactly the reason for’s collaboration with SevenOne Media to develop the interactive video ad.creator. With this tool, you easily enhance your video ad with interactive elements and create effective interactive ads. On request the expert designers and producers support you in the process. Document the success of your campaign with a variety of reports that you download from the media.manager tool.

(** Reference: BVDW Fokusreport Bewegtbild, 03/2013)

Ad Features

  • Combines ads in TV-ad quality with interactive elements – stirring users’ emotions leads to intensified brand awareness and brand loyalty.

  • Social media integration in the ad – because likes and friends’ recommendations influence buying decisions.

  • Gamification integration on microsites or directly in the ad – not only transport information but make it fun!

  • Ad selector – the users choose the ad they want to watch.

  • Companion ads – match your video ad with a banner ad and use the available advertising space of a page for your brand only.

  • Skinning ads – individualize and customize the video player environment with your corporate identity or create a complete ad that wraps itself around the player.

Tech Features

  • Easy-to-use and handle video management studio.

  • Video upload and video encoding of any established format.

  • Bandwidth based delivery of video ads.

  • Automated, standardized and IAB compliant tracking without programming.

  • Encompassing reporting.


  • Supports IAB VAST standards 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.

  • Continuously increasing reach with IAB standard VPAID.

  • Supports linear and non-linear video ads.

  • Compatible with all ad servers, video publishers and video networks.

Video reporting & tracking

  • Real-time reports.

  • Impressions & clicks.

  • Conversion.

  • Unique users.

  • View time: how long was the video ad watched?

  • Unser interaction: with which elements did the user interact?

  • Heatmap tracking.

  • Reporting API for directly implementing it in external systems.