is now a branch of ADITION technologies AG. More information can be found in the press release


The media.manager offers a particularly easy to use, all-in-one solution for video and rich media online advertising. Here you can create your in-stream video ad, manage and analyze your campaign and benefit from individual reportings for all , and formats.

System overview

  • 360° full service for all parties involved - the system sends the ad tag automatically to the marketers. On request, takes care of the entire trafficking for the agency.

  • Creation of video ads compliant with IAB guidelines UAP for VAST1, 2, 3 & VPAID for MRAID for mobile.

  • Reliable delivery of the campaign with an ADN specially developed and optimized for video advertising.

  • Compatibility with all common video formats and codecs. Multi-level transcoding process for optimal video size and bitrates for each ad format.


We work with the most modern IT infrastructure

Together with myLoc GmbH, owns a fail-safe ad cloud. An external CDN or a separate geographic distribution is, of course, also available.


Use the possibilities of video advertising to gain more information about the interaction of the audience with the ad. Almost any interaction is measurable. Use the media.manager to generate the reports, or get your data with the API and integrate the data into your own reporting system.

The media.manager provides reports:

  • relating to your campaign (standard ad report, extended with all the events and interactions).

  • relating to your campaign and the user (geo, click / time, heatmap, unique users).

  • relating to your campaign and the delivered environment (visibility, domain report with categorization for brand safety analysis).

  • relating to your campaign and technical features (devices, operating systems, browsers, flash).

and shows:

  • Impressions and clicks

  • Full view and full view rate

  • Unique impression and clicks

  • View time and view time rate

  • User events and user interaction