is now a branch of ADITION technologies AG. More information can be found in the press release Ads video is a highly visible, innovative ad format. In contrast to video advertising, like prerolls on YouTube, video ads are not integrated into video content, but rather live on their own within the editorial content of your website.

How does it work?

When users read an article, video ads are activated by scrolling and automatically appear in between paragraphs or images when at least 50% of the player is visible.

Technical Provider Model

Marketers can start using this great new ad format while selling inventory to their own network of advertisers and continuing to use their own adserver, targeting system, and user base.

Why video advertising? video ads easily outperform any in-stream format. A recent Nielsen study* has shown that most KPIs, such as ad likeability and purchase intent increased significantly among users when they were shown ‘’ ads compared with ‘’ ads.

Ad revenues from traditional display advertising have reached their peak. The video format opens up brand new, virtually unlimited inventory, unleashing previously untapped potential for revenue growth.

Vorteile Icons

(*Nielsen carried out the research between 4th and 12th December 2014 and surveyed 599 US adults aged 18+.) Video Advertising – Benefits

  • high user visibility

  • increased relevance through programmatic integration

  • high user engagement (scroll, click, & mouse-over)

  • more inventory - huge increase in ad revenues


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    works on all devices

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    placed within premium content

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    video ad starts when at least 50% visible

  • Play Icon

    sound on/off & skipping possible upon user interaction